What I See at KDO

oct kdo 038

As the director of KDO, I get to pop into classrooms periodically each Tuesday and Thursday and check out what the kids and teachers are doing.  It never ceases to bring a smile to my face.  There is not a dull moment and SO many precious moments that I can not even begin to tell you about.  But, I will try…

At KDO all the teachers follow the same scope and sequence but they gear it towards the age group they teach.  The teachers are good at creating a lesson plan that is age appropriate and allows for learning while playing.  The children are exposed to many different activities as the teachers understand that they do not all learn the same way.  The teachers have the freedom to teach according to their interests as well.  Mrs. Lea loves Science and exposes her children to science concepts.  For example, today the children made Fizzy Drops.  Mrs. Nicole’s 2 year class created scarecrows while naming body parts and colors.  Mrs. Erin’s class created flower arrangements and mailed letters while in centers as they learned about community helpers.  Mrs. Rachel’s 2 year olds do lots of movement activities like Ring around the Rosy, shaving cream sensory fun and hammering golf tees into Styrofoam.

What I see each day at KDO, is children having great fun as they learn new things and teachers doing what God has called them to do!