Chapel Time at KDO

sept KDO 007All children get to go to Chapel Time each school day.  The 3 and 4 year old children attend chapel in the main worship area of the church.  The front rows of chairs are pushed back a bit and the kids sit on colorful squares.  The 30 minute chapel begins with 15 minutes of singing and worship.  The children sing and dance to very kid friendly praise music.  Then we practice the monthly Bible memory verse.  At KDO we use the My First Look preschool curriculum.  On the very big screen, the children get to watch the 7-8 minute video that comes with the curriculum.  This is a fun way of teaching the Bible story that we then follow up with discussion.  This month the main point is God is Always with Me.  Each week we will see a different Bible story that illustrates this truth.  Chapel time is a highlight of our day at KDO!